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Interested in something else I do/somewhere else you've seen me? Direct your eyes to the left, please.

I'm Serena. My real name is Stephanie - I don't particularly care which you address me by. I am an art loving, music loving, concert-going, guitarist admiring, photographer wannabe with a minor in insanity. I work in the service sector and I complain about it a lot. My entries are not all doom and gloom but I will not be someone I am not - I DO have depression and I do get low, shit happens. If you can't handle that, you've got no business here. I use this journal for venting, sharing stuff or flailing about things that excite me.

If you recognise me from any music communities or anything then my Tumblr is probably where you wanna be. Yes, I DO post my concert adventures here too, but this journal is a little more personal therefore, friends locked.

Anyway, don't let that deter you if you wanna get to know me! I like meeting new people and if you'd like to be added, please comment here and tell me where you found me/why you want to add me and I'll most likely reciprocate.

Things I love:
Steven Wilson
All Things British
Anathema (the band)
Traveling the world

Got something in common? Fire away.

Updated: 03.02.2016
Danny Cavanagh - See You

Clean up!

Did a clean up of my friends list. Mostly inactive/defunct accounts. If you were removed and wish to be readded, simply comment here to let me know and I will have no problem adding you back.

To anyone who has me friended but hasn't bothered to comment on my friends only entry, I'm NOT adding you unless you comment to tell me why you'd like to be my friend. Sorry!